Blown Highlights

They can be restored using several methods:

  • Use the wheels: lower Gain, then create node and restore contrast;
  • Use the Curves: lower the curve in the highlight area, make “S” form to restore contrast;
  • In the Curves instrument, use Soft Clip section: Low / High restores shadows / highlighs, while Low Soft / High Soft makes a smooth transition - ideal for blown sky areas.

Controlled Restoring of Blown Highlights

  • Create a Parallel Node after the input together with the denoise node
  • Use Luminance Qualifier to select smoothly the bright part of the image;
  • Turn down Highlights to get the details back.

Parasite color in highlights

Typically such things appear when shooting on 8bit cameras. Use Lum Vs Sat Curve to fix.

  1. Isolate highlights by luminosity;
  2. Bring saturation level in highlights down to remove color.