Color Management

Videocard sends a signal to the monitor, divided in 2 components: COLORSPACE (color) and GAMMA (light)


Initial colorspace is a triangle-like model of all colors which are discriminated by the human eye (mathematical model): Different color spaces encompass different sets of colors as compared to this model: rec709 - came with digital TV, P3 - used for digital cinema theater, rec2020 - UHDTV / new 4K video standard.

GAMMA (Dynamic Range)

Digital cameras see the world in a linear fashion. If we have a room with 1 lamp and we bring in a second lamp, camera will register 2x increase of light. Human eye will register around +20% increase of light. Transfer function - math function to compress the light data of an image and then use this file to restore the whole dynamic range seen by the human eye.

  • Human eye dynamic range: 10-13 stops active range, 24 stops total range
  • Film dynamic range: 13 stops
  • RED Weapon Camera: 16.5+ (incl HDRX-mode) stops
  • HLG: 12 stops
  • REC709: 6 stops

REC709 GAMMA 2.4 is the native format for DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere etc. If you throw a different colorspace file in DaVinci, you must tell it what it is and convert: Color room → Library → ResolveFX Color → Color Space Transform

Fir SONY SLog3 shoot with +2 or +3 F-stops higher to quell noise, then choose:

  • Input Colorspace = Sony S-Gamut3
  • Input Gamma = Sony S-Log3
  • Output Colorspace = Rec709
  • Output Gamma = Rec709
  • Tonemapping = Luminance Mapping