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Fusion Settings

Menu Fusion → Turn OFF Show Toolbar;

Menu Fusion → Fusion Settings…

  • General tab: ProxyStandard change to 4:1;
  • Flow tab: Source Tile Pictures=ON will show video thumbnails in node graph instead of plain rectangles;
  • Flow tab: Arrange to Connected=ON helps organize connected nodes;
  • Flow tab: Show grid=OFF lessens visual garbage on Node graph;
  • Flow tab: Build direction=Vertical to streamline node creation with software such as The Foundry Nuke or SideFX Houdini;
  • Frame format tab: Lock depths=16bit float per channel(64 bit) will significantly enhance inner image processing quality;
  • User interface tab: Zoom Cmd=OFF, Pan Cmd=ON - this will enable zoom with simple mouse wheel like in many other editors.

Reboot of DaVinci Resolve needed after settings saved.

Hotkeys in Node Graph

SHIFT+SPACE - search&create node by name menu

CTRL+T - switch inputs (in merge node switch background & foreground)

Connecting output of one node to the output of another node will automatically create a Merge node;


Editing Color Curves color correction and other nodes splines in Spline Editor

  • Put a Color Curves node;
  • Open Spline Editor. In its’ menu , choose Show only Selected Tool, then click Zoom to Fit button (diagonal arrows in a square).

Copy perspective view to camera view

  • Connect camera node to Merge node;
  • While Merge node is selected in graph, in perspective windows rotate the view, the Mouse Right-Click → Camera → Copy PoV To → Choose the connected camera.

Reactor Plugin Manager


  • Drag & Drop the Reactor LUA script into Fusion nodes field, install;
  • Check out Reactor in Workspace → Scripts → Reactor → Open Reactor…

To remove plugins from Reactor, use Remove button. Do not un-tick them.

Handy plugins

  • xGlow - advanced version of Glow node;
  • FastExpoGlow - gives a golden light;
  • HeatDistortion - hot air effect.